Why Developers Should Always Do Post-Release Verification


Green Zone—your own space. Code is created by developers on their machines. They write logic, create functions, compile, execute and test it on their machines. This is why you hear the famous quote.

“It works on my machine”

To avoid this, developers should spend most of their efforts here – including developing, unit testing, manual testing, etc.

Build Agent

Green Zone — a shared space that’s easy to scale up and down. Although it is slower than localhost, feel free to leverage it as much as you can to increase your productivity.

Testing Env

Yellow Zone— a shared place where you compete with other developers. Your team might have multiple testing environments, but that space is still shared with other developers on your team. You probably should

  1. Take it when you need it
  2. Release it when as soon as you have completed your task
  3. Avoid blocking other developers from using it

Production Env

Red Zone — a public place. Any tiny change will impact your customers.

Some developers do the bare minimum — this should be avoided

Develop it, raise a PR, pass the checks, get approval, ship it and forget it.

Other developers do a good job but can be better

Develop it, test it, raise a PR, pass checks, get approval, ship it to the testing environment, and do some QA. They may ask for an extra pair of eyes to sign off before shipping to the production environment.

Great developers absolutely nail it

After shipping to the production environment, great developers jump to the production site, testing their features or bug fixes to make sure everything is delivered as expected.

Things worth thinking about

  • Do you always do post-release verification yourself? 🤔
  • Does your team do post-release verification? 🏢
  • Have you socialised the concept? 📣
  • What’s the impact of not doing it? 🐛
  • Have you seen anyone do the bare minimum? 😢



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