Tech Lead Handbook

The Focus Shift from Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager

What are GitHub Contributions

My GitHub Contributions for the past year

Put them on a timeline (Year on Year)

GitHub Contributions Year on Year

The Individual Contributor Phase

The Individual Contributor Phase

The Transition Phase

The Transition Phase
  • If a task could be done by someone else, delegate it. If they aren’t ready, coach them.
  • Never micromanagement. Never. Provide the space for growth, especially for high potentials.
  • Hire the right talents. Hiring no one is better than hiring the wrong one.
  • Get the team aligned and focus more on the why

The Settlement Phase

The Settlement Phase

My New Chapter

My journey from IC to EM in GitHub

Software Engineer | Tech Lead | Engineering Manager

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Jamie Wen

Jamie Wen

Software Engineer | Tech Lead | Engineering Manager

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