Tech Lead Handbook

Tech Lead Handbook — Pair Programming

The What

Pair programming to exchange knowledge among people

Pair programming to the rescue

The How

For Ramping Up New Team Members (effective)

For Upskilling Juniors (pretty common)

For Firefighting (it’s a must)

  • ClickOps
  • Deploy the latest working image on your dev machine
  • Run SQL scripts to fix broken tables
  • Run shell scripts to fix a broken node

To unblock yourself or your colleagues (do it)

Troubleshoot Defects (can be helpful)

Avoid Bugs (okay but costly)

🔴 Red Flags

  • Paring can be exhausting.
  • Pairing doesn’t work for everyone
  • 100% pair programming can harm productivity and responsibility. Don’t do that.

📜 Tips




Software Engineer | Technical Lead | Engineering Manager

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Jamie Wen

Jamie Wen

Software Engineer | Technical Lead | Engineering Manager

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