Tech Lead Handbook

Tech Lead Handbook — One on Ones

The What‌

The regular one-on-one meetings with your direct reports. How often you should have it? What topic you should focus on? What about new team members or those who have been promoted recently.

The How‌

Set up a weekly catch up‌

  • Weekly is the best, fortnightly is the absolute minimum
  • Set up repeated events in your calendars
  • Make it private — meeting room, walk in a garden, zoom if you both WFH‌

Slow cook discussion points‌

  • Have a delegated note per person
  • Write down notes as the week progresses
  • Get updates — management, key projects, blockers, observations, etc
  • Take notes and assign actions‌

Be positive‌

Be a listener‌

  • Ask leading questions
  • Dig their mind‌

Talk about performance‌

  • It is a MUST if you need a high-performance team
  • Set up clear expectations. Assign actions for you and your direct reports.
  • Make it outcome-driven

✅ Exceptions‌

No exception — one on one is a must‌

🔴 Red Flags‌

  • Don’t cancel at the last minute
  • Don’t be late
  • Don’t macro manage your directs‌

🗒 Tips‌

  • Face-to-face is the best
  • Walking in a garden is even better

🕳 Pitfalls‌

  • Focus on work updates only. // You can use one on one to talk about work, but you should focus on the individual’s career and wellbeing.



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