Tech Lead Handbook

Tech Lead Handbook — Decision Making

The What

The How‌

Communicate the vision‌

  • Why we are here and what are we trying to achieve as a team. Get it super clear.
  • Focus more on the why and less on the what
  • Provide more context to the team which helps them make efficient decisions.‌


  • Hard work in the right direction.
  • Catch up (sync / async) with your Product Manager regularly, repeatedly, frequently.
  • Align the tech roadmap with the product roadmap‌.


  • Be more situational and give your direct reports more space to explore and grow
  • Be supportive. Share context. Explain the why. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts.
  • Try not to be too prescriptive unless you absolutely have to.

Delegate‌ & Monitor
  • Start small and slowly build up the trust
  • Collective and “clear” ownership 👉 Code Ownership
  • Clarify goals and what does success look like
  • Proactive updates from direct reports are needed
  • At the end of the day, it is all your accountability‌

🔴 Red Flags‌

  • Have unnecessary meetings for small decisions. // Can you delegate to the team?
  • Look for absolute broader consensus for small decisions‌. // Unnecessary.
  • Aim for perfect decisions. // Perfectionism is killing your team.

🗒 Tips‌

  • Use frameworks for the decision-making process, e.g., DACI
  • Think about ROI. How big the decision is and how much it costs to make that decision.
  • There is more than one way to make a decision. Voting is just one of them.

🕳 Pitfalls‌

  • Escalate every decision ⇒ micro-management
  • Delegate without monitoring ⇒ unexpected failures

Software Engineer | Tech Lead | Engineering Manager

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Jamie Wen

Jamie Wen

Software Engineer | Tech Lead | Engineering Manager

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